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Each submitted work will be independently reviewed by a panel of artists and by the directors of Exhibition. Around 100 works will be pre-selected and the selection of the final 50 exhibits to be included in the Exhibition will be the joint effort of a committee composed of the Director of the CosmoCaixa, Barcelona Science Museum, the directors of the Art Exchanges Exhibition and the artists. Ownership and copyright of the final works will belong to Art Exchanges. All submitted work beside those selected for the Museum Exhibition will be presented in an internet Exhibition.

The arts commission will decide the final size and format of the presentations. Modifications to the color, brightness and other aesthetic characteristics of the presentations might be made by the commission. However, the author(s) approval of the final product will be obtained prior to exhibiting. Finally, a catalogue with the selected presentations will be published in book form. A copy of which will be given to the author(s) along with a diploma from the Museum recognising their contribution to the exhibition.
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